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“I will send you some screwdrivers… when I receive the book.”

Feedback in:

Dear Mr. Covel,

I purchased your book and am about 170 pages into it. I am a manufacturer of hand tools in the USA. I would like to comment not on the text but the book, the binding, and the paper covering the front and back. They are all falling a part. Florida is humid, but I also collect books and this book is just a mess. The cardboard of the cover is to soft for the weight of the book. The blue paper peeled off the card board. Your text is fascinating but your book is a mess to read or to take on a trip. I can send photos if you want them.

I do have one question. As you describe each of the investors, I understand what they are doing but how do you get them to manage small amount of money like $100,000 to $200,000? I will finish the book over the next few months. I do most of my reading while trying to get elite status on United AirLines.

Where did you buy it from? Must be some odd random thing. I am currently in SE Asia (hotter than Tallahassee, Florida where I went to school) and super hot/rainy. No issues. I have 50+ books with me and they are fine. Where can I send you another?

PS. There are TF ETFs and mutual funds. Solves the issue.

“My book shelves are creaking…”

Feedback in:

Dear Michael:

After many years in banking and by way of industry compliance regulation limited in what I can actually do with my money (I had already become very disillusioned with buy and hold “investing” only) I decided to investigate what was possible without loosing my day job. It seemed spot FX was about it. I started to look at trading and it has been the most remarkable journey. I have discovered so much about myself to the point where my wife commented that even my interaction with our two small children (3 & 4 years old) has changed completely. I can just accept what is in front of me and that they are nearly always just being children. No build up of steam! All of the key psychological lessons that are important to being a successful trader are equally important to practice in everyday life. The moment of now, take responsibility, look at what one does and does not control, it goes on.

Although I came to your work (starting with your book Trend Following) after I had already started along this path, you have expanded my horizons well beyond what I would ever have picked up and read without listening to your podcasts. I travel weekly with work, so find time to listen to many of your interviews and then often explore the written works of the interviewees. My book shelves are creaking, so now I need to give up the day job and trade full time, so I have the time to read all the wisdom contained therein.

Thank you for that inspiration.

Kind regards

You are welcome!

You Are Going to Die

Feedback in:

Hello Michael.

I want to first say thank you for all the great material and insight you’ve put out into the universe regarding trend following trading. I have all of your books and have listened to every single episode of Trend Following Radio. Both your books and podcasts have provided me with a plethora of information on the subject of trend following and the general psychological mindset needed in order to be a successful trader.

I also wanted to say thanks for helping me with the motivation I needed to finally leave Los Angeles for the first time since college to go out and travel, something I’ve wanted to do since I graduated. As a 28-year old guy with no children, I really had no excuse as to why I wasn’t getting out there and seeing the rest of the world. Also, your mantra of “you’re gonna die”, though simple, helped push me in the direction of taking more risks.

Right now I’m living in Bangkok. Through listening to your podcasts, I know you spend a decent amount of time over here in Southeast Asia. I was wondering if you had any public speaking engagements or live appearances over in this part of the world. I’ve read all of your material and listen to every podcast but I think it would be awesome to see you speak in person about trend following. I don’t see any future speaking engagements listed on the website but since I happen to be living over here for the moment I figured it couldn’t hurt to ask.

Anyway, thanks again for everything and much peace and prosperity my friend.

You are welcome, but no new news yet on live events. Stay tuned.

Trend Following Feedback

Feedback in:

Hello Michael,

I’m a 25 year veteran as a financial advisor and I’ve subscribed to more newsletters and systems than I care to admit. I know there’s no “magic bullet” to investing success when confronted with the chaos that exists in this world, but your writings and the evidence you provide has made a significant impact on me. I, like most of my financial advisor brethren, (particularly those who are independent like the [name] advisors) want to make a positive impact on the financial lives of our clients and break free from the “buy and hope” nonsense still prescribed by Wall Street professionals and the index funds. Your teaching has already helped me help my clients to better manage the risks of the markets and I’m extremely grateful. I’m an avid listener to your podcast and own three of your books (all with extensive highlighting and underlining).

All the best to you and the Trend Following team.



Trend Following Is for Many Markets in Many Countries

Trend following is flexible. You can use it to trade different markets in different countries. Some feedback in:

Hi, I have read Michael’s 5 books and am interested to find out more about the training of trend following. I would like to know in what format is the training to be taught? Online lessons? DVDs? Online webinars? I am only interested in trading stocks and options. Not interested in Forex or other instruments. What is the percentage of materials being taught as pertaining to stocks and options trading with the trend following system? I am somewhat a newbie for 18 months. Read a lot and studied a lot. I am only interested in technical trading, not fundamentals at all. Not interested in trading commodities neither. Is there a detail content index that I can receive from you before I can make my decision in taking the program? I have previously communicated with Michael after Tim Skyes’s Las Vegas Conference last year. Thank you, [name]

As a trend follower you can trade these instruments: ETFs, LEAPs options and futures. ETFs allow one to trade stocks–if that is their familiarity. However, while those are three “instruments” to trade–the selection of markets is much wider. You definitely want to trade currencies and commodities as a trend follower, and you can use ETFs to do that. If you can use ETFs to trade currencies and commodities–does that alleviate fear? If not, I would like to understand your fear.

Content details here. Have you seen that? Our process? Our contents?

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