Commodities Corporation: Trend Following Pioneer

Before the Turtles…some guys in Princeton, NJ were incubating too.

2 thoughts on “Commodities Corporation: Trend Following Pioneer

  1. One of the most memorable parts of that piece was Weymar’s ability to admit, and change, when things weren’t working. Imagine today’s mutual fund companies saying, “Well boys, I don’t think this fundamental/valuation analysis is working. We need something better”.

  2. victor says: “see sluggo’s test of turtle system. not so good now is it?”

    OMG no, it’s just terrible!!!

    According to the equity graph it took 23 years to make 9 quadrillion dollars… hardly worth the effort.

    All you see is an equity curve that LOOKS flat on the graph… why don’t you look at the dollar amount at the right hand side of the graph before posting your drivel?

    Also, I find it interesting that the results show the system was “flat” in 2008 into 2009… too many large moves in 2008 for a trend following system not to have performed well during this time period.

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