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Trend Following Is for Many Markets in Many Countries

Trend following is flexible. You can use it to trade different markets in different countries. Some feedback in:

Hi, I have read Michael’s 5 books and am interested to find out more about the training of trend following. I would like to know in what format is the training to be taught? Online lessons? DVDs? Online webinars? I am only interested in trading stocks and options. Not interested in Forex or other instruments. What is the percentage of materials being taught as pertaining to stocks and options trading with the trend following system? I am somewhat a newbie for 18 months. Read a lot and studied a lot. I am only interested in technical trading, not fundamentals at all. Not interested in trading commodities neither. Is there a detail content index that I can receive from you before I can make my decision in taking the program? I have previously communicated with Michael after Tim Skyes’s Las Vegas Conference last year. Thank you, [name]

As a trend follower you can trade these instruments: ETFs, LEAPs options and futures. ETFs allow one to trade stocks–if that is their familiarity. However, while those are three “instruments” to trade–the selection of markets is much wider. You definitely want to trade currencies and commodities as a trend follower, and you can use ETFs to do that. If you can use ETFs to trade currencies and commodities–does that alleviate fear? If not, I would like to understand your fear.

Content details here. Have you seen that? Our process? Our contents?

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