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“My book shelves are creaking…”

Feedback in:

Dear Michael:

After many years in banking and by way of industry compliance regulation limited in what I can actually do with my money (I had already become very disillusioned with buy and hold “investing” only) I decided to investigate what was possible without loosing my day job. It seemed spot FX was about it. I started to look at trading and it has been the most remarkable journey. I have discovered so much about myself to the point where my wife commented that even my interaction with our two small children (3 & 4 years old) has changed completely. I can just accept what is in front of me and that they are nearly always just being children. No build up of steam! All of the key psychological lessons that are important to being a successful trader are equally important to practice in everyday life. The moment of now, take responsibility, look at what one does and does not control, it goes on.

Although I came to your work (starting with your book Trend Following) after I had already started along this path, you have expanded my horizons well beyond what I would ever have picked up and read without listening to your podcasts. I travel weekly with work, so find time to listen to many of your interviews and then often explore the written works of the interviewees. My book shelves are creaking, so now I need to give up the day job and trade full time, so I have the time to read all the wisdom contained therein.

Thank you for that inspiration.

Kind regards

You are welcome!

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