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Trend Following Feedback

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Hello Michael,

I’m a 25 year veteran as a financial advisor and I’ve subscribed to more newsletters and systems than I care to admit. I know there’s no “magic bullet” to investing success when confronted with the chaos that exists in this world, but your writings and the evidence you provide has made a significant impact on me. I, like most of my financial advisor brethren, (particularly those who are independent like the [name] advisors) want to make a positive impact on the financial lives of our clients and break free from the “buy and hope” nonsense still prescribed by Wall Street professionals and the index funds. Your teaching has already helped me help my clients to better manage the risks of the markets and I’m extremely grateful. I’m an avid listener to your podcast and own three of your books (all with extensive highlighting and underlining).

All the best to you and the Trend Following team.



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