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Michael Covel
Michael Covel

Michael Covel searches. He digs. He goes behind the curtain to reveal a state of mind the system doesn’t want you in.

Characterized as essential and required reading, Covel teaches beginners to seasoned pros how to generate profits with straightforward repeatable rules and is best known for popularizing the controversial trading strategy TREND FOLLOWING.

An avowed entrepreneur, Covel is the author of five books including the international bestseller, Trend Following and his investigative narrative, TurtleTrader. Fascinated by reclusive traders who have quietly generated spectacular returns for decades, those going against the investment orthodoxy of “efficient markets”, Covel has uncovered astonishing insights about human behavior, decision-making and trading systems.

His perspectives have garnered international acclaim and have earned him invitations with a host of organizations: China Asset Management, GIC Private Limited (Singapore sovereign wealth fund), BM&F Bovespa, Managed Funds Association, Bank of China Investment Management, Market Technicians Association and multiple hedge funds and mutual funds. He also has the distinction of interviewing five Nobel Prize winners in economics (so far), including Daniel Kahneman and Harry Markowitz and has been featured by major press, including The Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg, CCTV, The Straits Times and Fox Business.

Covel posts on Twitter, publishes his blog and records a podcast weekly. His clients are in 70+ countries and he splits time across USA and Asia.

Michael Covel’s Trend Following™ Podcast

Covel’s highly ranked podcast Trend Following™ reaches over one hundred eighty-eight countries with over 6 million listens. Guests include world-class thinkers, psychologists, economists and traders. A small sample of Covel’s world-class guests:

Daniel Kahneman
Daniel Kahneman,
Nobel Prize
Tim Ferriss
Tim Ferriss, Author/Entrepreneur
Gerd Gigerenzer
Gerd Gigerenzer, Psychologist
Vernon Smith, Nobel
Vernon Smith,
Nobel Prize
Harry Markowitz, Nobel
Harry Markowitz,
Nobel Prize
Angus Deaton, Nobel
Angus Deaton,
Nobel Prize
Ed Seykota
Ed Seykota
Trend Trader
Tom Basso
Tom Basso
Trend Trader

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Film: Documentary.
Presentations: North America: Austin, Baltimore, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, Jekyll Island, La Jolla, Las Vegas, Key Biscayne, Mobile, New York City, Stanford, Vancouver. Asia: Beijing, Guangzhou, Ho Chi Minh City, Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur, Macau, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Singapore, Tokyo. Europe: Paris, Vienna. South America: São Paulo. More.
Education: BA, George Mason University. MBA, The Florida State University.

Extras: How is Covel pronounced? Co-vell. “Co” rhymes with toe. “Vell” rhymes with bell. Equally accented each syllable. It was shortened from Covalesky, which was shortened originally from Kavaliauskas. Michael also admires The Fountainhead, collects dinosaur skulls, took a Constitutional case before the Virginia Supreme Court, likes the Anthony Bourdain travel life, can still swing a bat with authority and once ran for political office.

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