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You Are Going to Die

Feedback in:

Hello Michael.

I want to first say thank you for all the great material and insight you’ve put out into the universe regarding trend following trading. I have all of your books and have listened to every single episode of Trend Following Radio. Both your books and podcasts have provided me with a plethora of information on the subject of trend following and the general psychological mindset needed in order to be a successful trader.

I also wanted to say thanks for helping me with the motivation I needed to finally leave Los Angeles for the first time since college to go out and travel, something I’ve wanted to do since I graduated. As a 28-year old guy with no children, I really had no excuse as to why I wasn’t getting out there and seeing the rest of the world. Also, your mantra of “you’re gonna die”, though simple, helped push me in the direction of taking more risks.

Right now I’m living in Bangkok. Through listening to your podcasts, I know you spend a decent amount of time over here in Southeast Asia. I was wondering if you had any public speaking engagements or live appearances over in this part of the world. I’ve read all of your material and listen to every podcast but I think it would be awesome to see you speak in person about trend following. I don’t see any future speaking engagements listed on the website but since I happen to be living over here for the moment I figured it couldn’t hurt to ask.

Anyway, thanks again for everything and much peace and prosperity my friend.

You are welcome, but no new news yet on live events. Stay tuned.

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