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Market Success Means Surrender

Is there a common map that everyone who makes the fantastic money follows, knowingly or unknowingly? Yes. To succeed in the markets you must surrender. Market profit is not about the latest piece of data, expert opinion or fundamental knowledge. Letting go of that and going with the changing flow is the single greatest operating procedure of all legendary traders.

Paul Tudor Jones famously said, "The illusion has been created that there is an explanation for everything with the primary task to find that explanation." He's dead-on. You want the opposite. Approaching markets with total ignorance is the winner's mindset. Because when trading nothing matters except price action. Everything is reflected, totaled, and discounted in the price. I mean everything.

I live and breathe the importance of price action through my podcast and books--a one of a kind compilation only found here. Not CNBC, not Bloomberg, not IBD, but found here alone. Both have produced multiple millionaires and launched hedge fund careers. However, some want more. They need more. And the way I give my personal support—the core trend following principles and how to compound those principles for a lifetime—is through my Flagship product.

Powerful Information

My Flagship product is powerful information coupled with personal support for your unique situation. I teach beginners to seasoned pros how to make above average profits with clear and complete trend following trading systems:

1. Add to winners only.
2. Never add to a loser.
3. Let profits run.
4. Cut losses fast.
5. Don’t try to pick tops.
6. Don’t try to pick bottoms.
7. Market prices make decisions, not ego.

"Trend following is the purest, simplest, and easiest way to make the big money. It uses only what the markets are telling us about themselves--the current price trend."

Flagship Product

One Of A Kind Books

The bestselling classic TREND FOLLOWING rebooted. This new 600+ page edition is massive. The unvarnished truth across some of Wall Street's biggest names including Warren Buffett, David Harding, Ed Seykota, Daniel Kahneman and many more. There is a reason 100,000+ readers start here.

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Trend Following

The bestselling Trend Following classic with 125,000+ readers and 10+ translations.

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Flagship Course

"You'll Only Buy Markets Moving Higher. And You'll Only Sell Short Markets Moving Lower."

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The most famous Wall Street teaching experiment ever. Learn what they learned. 75,000+ sold.

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