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Repeatable rules you can use to make outsized money in bull, bear, and black swan markets. No passive indexing, buy and hope, fundamentals or predictions.

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Michael goes behind the curtain to reveal a state of mind the Wall Street system doesn’t want you in. Characterized as “essential” and “required reading,” he teaches beginners to seasoned pros how to generate out-sized profits with straightforward and repeatable trend following rules.

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In this 2017 reboot of the bestselling classic, go headfirst into TREND FOLLOWING to examine the benefits, interviews, and research. Learn from the great traders—their successes and failures.

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"The way I see it, you have two choices–you can do what I did and work for 30-plus years, cobbling together scraps of information, seeking to create a money-making strategy, or you can spend a few days reading Covel's Trend Following and skip that three-decade learning curve."
Larry Hite; legendary trader profiled in the “Market Wizards”

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5M+ Listens, 500+ Episodes: investments, economics, decision-making, behavior & entrepreneurship. Guests: Nobel Prize winners Robert Aumann, Angus Deaton, Daniel Kahneman, Harry Markowitz & Vernon Smith. And: James Altucher, Dan Ariely, Jean-Philippe Bouchaud, Kathleen Eisenhardt, Marc Faber, Tim Ferriss, Jason Fried, Gerd Gigerenzer, Larry Hite, Sally Hogshead, Ryan Holiday, Jack Horner, Ewan Kirk, Steven Kotler, Michael Mauboussin, Tucker Max, Barry Ritholtz, Jim Rogers, Jack Schwager, Ed Seykota, Philip Tetlock & Walter Williams.


Regular updates, the needed trend following insights to help you produce out-sized returns, and the ongoing psychological rules to keep you out of cognitive dissonance.

Trading Food for Thought: February 25th Edition

Posted on: Feb 25, 2017

Food for thought: Is Corporate Short-Termism Really a Problem? The Jury’s Still Out British queuing and ‘the power of six’ Psychologist who studies motivation: This will make you more excited about your job Robot Farmer Why We Dig In The New Science of Designing for Humans Evolution, Finance, and the Population Genetics of Relative Wealth […]

“Nate Silver was by far the most accurate forecaster in the 2016 election”

Posted on: Feb 24, 2017

Feedback in: Nate Silver [my article that generated the feedback] was by far the most accurate forecaster in the 2016 election. While most modelers pegged Clinton’s chances at greater than 90% (in some cases 99%), Silver had Trump as a 35.2% chance few days before the election. That was pretty darn good handicapping. You are […]

Ep 531: Mark Rzepczynski Interview #2 with Michael Covel

Posted on: Feb 23, 2017

Subscribe to Trend Following Radio on iTunes Mark Rzepczynski is the CEO of AMPHI Capital Management and has a deep knowledge of trading, especially trend following trading. Simplicity beats complexity every time. Unfortunately, people crave more complex. With trend following, traders keep it simple. They just want to get the direction of the trade right. […]


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