Trend Following Education Center

Trend following is counterintuitive.

It goes against all of the typical investment orthodoxy. Trend following is not any of this:

Trend following is something different.

And to get you started with a base understanding of trend following, to start that education to something different, we have compiled a wide selection of my favorite free and near free resources that serve as a fantastic library toward trend following success.

There is some order to this page, but feel free to explore.

Michael Covel Trend Following Resources

  • Michael Covel Feature: English | German.
  • Watch my trend following video. This is a free video with a legendary trend following trader. He started with nothing.
  • Listen to my podcast with 3.5M+ listens.
  • Wake Up Call (PDF).
  • Your Trading Edge Michael Covel Feature (PDF).
  • Market Technicians Association Michael Covel Feature (PDF).
  • Active Trader Michael Covel Feature (PDF).
  • Michael Covel personal motivation note.

3rd Party Trend Following Resources

  • Turtles in the WSJ (PDF).
  • A Century of Evidence on Trend-Following Investing (PDF).
  • Two Centuries of Trend Following (PDF).
  • Economics Needs a Scientific Revolution (PDF).
  • Origins of Trend Following (PDF).
  • Zero Sum Nature of Markets (PDF).
  • PBS Special: Trillion Dollar Bet (VHS).
  • Trend Following on Stocks (PDF).
  • Graham Capital: Trend Following Risk & Return (PDF).
  • David Hsieh & William Fung: Theory and Evidence (PDF).
  • A Tail of Two Worlds: Fat Tails and Investing (PDF).
  • Too Big to Fail?: Long-Term Capital Management (PDF).
  • Bet Sizing Article by Ed Seykota and David Druz (PDF).
  • Gibbons Burke Article on Money Management (PDF).
  • Frequency v. Magnitude (PDF).
  • Kelly’s Original Paper March 21, 1956 (PDF).
  • Decision-Making (PDF).
  • Faith in the Markets (PDF).
  • Mini-Contracts Introduction (PDF).
  • Futures Basics (PDF).
  • Trading Math Basics (PDF).

Michael Covel Books and Film

  • Trend Following (BOOK).
  • Trend Commandments (BOOK).
  • The Complete TurtleTrader (BOOK).
  • The Little Book of Trading (BOOK).
  • Broke: The New American Dream (FILM).
  • Michael Covel Influences (Recommended Books).

Once you have digested a healthy dose of this page, and if you want to take the next step with full support, we offer money-making solutions for beginner to pro.

Note: Checklists are critical for learning and daily trading operations. The checklist of resources on this page was inspired by Atul Gawande’s book The Checklist Manifesto. His main point is simple: no matter how expert you may be, well-designed check lists improve outcomes. Start checking off the list above.

Trend Following
Trend Following

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