Ep. 548: More New Trend Following Book with Michael Covel

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The new edition of Trend Following has gone from 100,000 words to 230,000. It is out now and it is the definitive effort on trend following. Other books have been written and they have given some good insights. However, this new edition is it. Today, Michael reads passages from the Preface and Chapter 1 of the 5th edition of Trend Following. This sneak peak gives listeners a flavor of how Michael is pushing the envelope in today’s world and further enhancing an understanding of trend following.

In this episode of Trend Following Radio:

  • 5th edition of Trend Following Preface
  • 5th edition of Trend Following Chapter 1

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Trading Food for Thought: April 23rd Edition

Ep. 547: Erik Wahl Interview with Michael Covel on Trend Following Radio

Erik Wahl
Erik Wahl

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Erik Wahl is author of “The Spark and The Grind,” “Unthink,” and “Unchain the Elephant.” Starting from an early age Erik was never encouraged in the arts but rather encouraged in his reading, writing and athletics. He believed that if he got straight A’s he would be successful later on in life. Things generally worked out for him–until the Dot-com bubble hit. He was devastated and realized he needed to figure out a new way to live.

Erik started meeting artists rather than business types. He came to find that mainstream society does not understand artists and because of this, many of these people would become, for lack of a better term, “tortured artists.” The love of art is what launched him into work as a professional artist. Art was not about producing a product but rather about a new way of thinking. He began processing information in a whole new way, not just linear.

Everyone has creative ideas. What sets people apart is how they chose to leverage and use it. When Erik does any presentation he starts off creating a painting on stage to rock music in 3 minutes. He is disrupting thinking by showing the audience rather than telling them. Unless you know how to use agility and mental dexterity you will be left behind. Erik teaches how to tap into creativity and adapt to the increasing rate of change happening in the world.

In this episode of Trend Following Radio:

  • Dot-com bubble
  • 2008 crisis
  • Routine and structure
  • Misconceptions of overnight success
  • Embracing the grind
  • Mental agility

“I was very content with my trading success but it really had nothing to do with my knowledge, with my insight, with my acumen at reading markets. It had to do with everything was going north at that point until it went south, and it crushed me.” – Erik Wahl

“Structure creates freedom.” – Erik Wahl

“Growth and comfort cannot co-exist.” – Erik Wahl

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Trading Food for Thought: April 19th Edition

Ep. 546: New Trend Following with Michael Covel

New Trend Following
New Trend Following

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Michael’s first edition of Trend Following hit April 2004. Since both Michael and trend following were largely “under the radar at the time” the publisher did not put much money into the first edition and it was not carried in bookstores. Since it’s inception, however, Trend Following has become a bestseller with 4 editions, 100,000+ sold, and now a 5th edition out April 24, 2017. Michael goes into detail outlining this new edition (double the size) and how it gives Trend Following a whole new look and feel across 688 pages.

In this episode of Trend Following Radio:

  • What went into the newest edition of trend following
  • Performance
  • Survivorship bias
  • Efficient market theory
  • Volatility

Mentions & Resources:

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Trading Food for Thought: December 16th Edition

“It’s not about the strategy–it’s about the human…”

Feedback in:

Good Morning Michael:

Pursuant to your request… “Has trend following changed your life in anyway?”

Enormously. I found your book 10 years ago and began studying it immediately. I had been an investor with multiple paths and little discipline. I am now (and have been for a while) a religious follower of trend following. It is a simple path, a disciplined path, to investing success. After reading the book 5 times I began to model trend following for stocks which I use today.

“Have you made money with trend following? If so, how much? Please be specific. I want to know if you’re taking full advantage of this powerful strategy.”

Yes. With your books I have been able to create a very process oriented approach for both equities and options. The disciplined learned through your writings has allowed me to “clean up” my past “investing” (not sure you can call it that) and get on the profitable road.

“Do you find this strategy difficult to execute?”

No. In my opinion it’s not about the strategy – it’s about the human. You gave me the map.

“Will you continue using this strategy?”

Yes. I am a passionate trend follower and have no intentions of leaving “the flock.”

Michael – Thank you. Your work, writings and passion have changed many lives or helped redirect us from where we were.

Have a great day.


Thanks for the feedback!