“Some of us out there are still keen and capable of independent thinking…”

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Cheers mate, I love your book.

I’ve been working up a few different options for trend following. I’ve tried moving average cross overs of sma50/sma100, sma50/sma200 and ema20/sma50.

But the most effective so far seems to be stocks breaking out of a 365 day high or longer long term resistance and above a 10 period offset low. The sell is on the cross of the 10 week period low. It seems to work well on daily charts but also very well on weekly charts. I’ve been looking at stocks on the ASX, mainly the top 200. See attached an example.

Just an idea to show you there are some of us out there still keen and capable of independent thinking. I’m looking forward to doing more of this on commodities to see how it performs. I’m amazed at the period of hold, a couple of years in some instances.


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Ep. 781: Mike Jackness Interview with Michael Covel on Trend Following Radio

Mike Jackness
Mike Jackness

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The course of my life was significantly changed by the internet.

My business, my life in Asia–all a product of the freedom and opportunity that the internet has provided. It’s there for the taking if you’re willing to work.

This week I had the opportunity to sit down and chat with someone who’s life path was also significantly altered by the digital revolution. Mike Jackness is the CEO of Terran, an eCommerce company that builds and operates unique brands and content sites. He is also the cofounder of Ecom Crew, a blog and podcast dedicated to showing what goes on behind the scenes while running a seven-figure eCommerce brand.

Getting his start in the online poker world over a decade ago, Mike ran one of the largest poker affiliate companies in the world until new legislation brought the whole industry to a halt. From there, he ventured into ecommerce with, which he then sold in 2014. Since then, he has started multiple other ecommerce brands with total revenues over $7 million annually.

In this episode of Trend Following Radio:

  • Start and Grow Your Amazon and Ecommerce Business

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“Fabulous podcast on Earl Weaver!”

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Fabulous podcast on Earl Weaver! I spent many days at the old Cleveland Municipal Stadium in the 70s and 80s watching Indians v Orioles. My favorite “rival.” I loved Earl chain smoking in the dugout. Great memories, great analogy! Keep up the quality work.

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For those who did not hear.

The Trading Personality Ruse

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Essentially from what I’ve read so far, one must find a strategy that fits one personality. Correct me if I’m wrong.

I disagree. You need something that works. Most people have no idea what their personality is, how to measure it (even possible?), nor how to fit a trading strategy to it.

Find something that works.

“Implementing this trend following mindset into my brain could cleared some huge mistakes…”

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Hi Michael, my name is Andre and I’m from Brazil.

I’ve been reading and listening your content for a while now. I’ve read Complete Turtle Trader and Trend Following and I listen to almost all your podcasts. I really like your work!

Implementing this trend following mindset into my brain could cleared some huge mistakes that I took with my money in recent past. I bought a business franchise from an American company in 2014, but I bet all the money that I had that moment. Long story short, I spend 3 years with this business just paying my expenses and could not save any money during this period.

In January 2017, we finished our contract since I have not sold more franchises as stipulated in contract. I ended up with no business and no money.

Because of the great recession that is striking Brazil since 2015, all the economy is frozen and is very hard to find a job right now.

Since I’m very disciplined with rules and to save money, I would like to ask you for an advise. Do you think I could apply the rules [in X] to start saving some money and them, purchase your Flagship Course to improve my trader’s abilities?

I have never invested our traded in stock markets and I couldn’t find any material our course in Portuguese of Trend Following. No one is talking about it down here and a few people really knows it.

Thank you very much for your time in reading my e-mail.

Best regards,
André Á.

I think you should do everything you can to solve the puzzle. Read everything. Some you will find for free, some not. But just go. Jump!

“I suppose i have never really thought of myself as a trader per se…”

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Hi Michael,

I suppose i have never really thought of myself as a “trader” per se. My challenge is really a result of not having a defined plan when entering a trade/position – not having discipline to exit a trade that is not working. My entries are also not based on any systematic trend approach but more thematic so if i am honest with myself, they are more educated guesses than anything.

I have been interested in trend following after coming across it in the course of research at the wealth management firm where i work. The portfolios we build are more based on a broad asset allocation framework where we buy and rebalance around target exposures rather than trading based on trends. I find trend following fascinating as in some ways it really flys in the face of more traditional investing concepts but is undeniably successful and at its essence very intuitive.

I just recently finished reading your book Trend Following and have been listening to the Top Traders Unplugged podcast. My goal is to start doing research on systems to get an idea of what might work best for me but was unsure exactly where to start so i figured this was a good place. Appreciate all of the good info in your book, will probably need to pick up some of your others and am also enjoying your vast catalog of podcasts.


Good job! Keep pushing.