Ep. 755: Rich Karlgaard Interview with Michael Covel on Trend Following Radio

Rich Karlgaard
Rich Karlgaard

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Rich Karlgaard is a journalist, entrepreneur, and speaker. He has been with Forbes for 27 years and became publisher of Forbes magazine in 1998. Rich has written three books, “Life 2.0: How People Across America Are Transforming Their Lives by Finding the Where of Their Happiness,” and “The Soft Edge: Where Great Companies Find Lasting Success.” His latest book is “Late Bloomers: The Power of Patience in a World Obsessed with Early Achievement.”

What was the trigger that pushed Rich to write “Late Bloomers?” Rich grew up as a late bloomer himself. He was at non-fulfilling “dead end jobs” up until his late 20’s, even with gaining a college degree. He doesn’t see his 20’s as a time of being lazy or having a lack of motivation, he simply didn’t feel like he was ready to enter the adult world. He also has two children whom he raises in Silicon Valley. He knows the added pressures being put on children and what those repercussions look like– from low self esteem to even suicide in teenagers. He felt a need to point out some of the major misconceptions adults may have about schools, tests, and the learning curve in each child.

Rich makes arguments for gap years, mandatory military service, and reforming how we look at academic tests. Americans are slipping every year compared to other counties and their youth. This has trickled into human resources and legal sides of companies that have turned to ranking employees with more tests and categorizing personalities based off data. Rich’s books, articles, and speeches also primarily focus on fundamentals of business, necessity of constant innovation, and the importance of building the right corporate culture.

In this episode of Trend Following Radio:

  • Late bloomers
  • Kylie Jenner
  • SAT scores
  • Importance of high IQ
  • Sports Illustrated
  • Passion vs. Mission
  • Gap years
  • West coast offense and Bill Walsh
  • Mike Milken

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“Any suggestions? I have so many questions…”

Feedback in:

Good afternoon Michael!

Biggest challenge is knowing the rules. I am currently using a trend following system I created and didn’t even know about you or your work till I sought “rules” to help guide me. I have attached the rules that have really helped. My goal is to [have a] firm managing client assets using my system. One day to be on your Turtle list. I go live June 1, 2019. I am transitioning to only focusing on portfolio management and bringing on people that love financial planning to do what they do best. Reading your work and others has helped me realize I wasn’t a nut case and as I have thought in my heart, it is the best way to manage money.

Any suggestions? I have so many questions.

Thank you!


Michael Covel’s Mind Food For Thought: April 15th Edition

Food for thought:


“Apologies if you cover this in a podcast, I haven’t dusted all of them yet…”

Feedback in:

Hi Mike,

I know your time’s very valuable so will be quick.

What style’s of learning do you implement? I’m guessing speed reading? I need to double down on that, there’s room for improvement. You seem to have such a wide knowledge base on investing not just the many practices, but the players & theories. I want to be as efficient/effective as possible but I’m not too sure. Apologies if you cover this in a podcast, I haven’t dusted all of them yet.

All the best,

Tough question.

Lots of reading. And of course the more you do, the faster you go. But also my speeches + podcast + interviews helped me. It all plays a role. Research too. What style is all of that? I don’t know.

Ep. 753: Lori Gottlieb Interview with Michael Covel on Trend Following Radio

Lori Gottlieb
Lori Gottlieb

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Lori Gottlieb is a psychotherapist, New York Times bestselling author, and a weekly advice column writer for The Atlantic titled, “Dear Therapist”. Her most recent book, “Maybe You Should Talk to Someone” (set for release in April, 2019), is not about getting people to go to therapy but rather to reflect on their lives – to be more open with the people around them. Lori also shows patients, through her book, that she herself is human and has issues in her own life relatable to most everyone.

What got Lori interested in psychotherapy? She had other careers leading up to becoming a therapist. She was a T.V. executive, went to medical school in her late 20’s, became a journalist, and then went back to school for clinical psychology. With help from her Dean at Stanford, she realized that she was searching for a more personal connection in her work – clinical psychology was a perfect match for her.

When most think about the idea of seeking a psychologist for help, they look at it as a sign as weakness. When it comes to emotional help people become closed off or don’t think they have a valid enough reason to be depressed. How does Lori help clients get past these social biases? She helps clients work through their problems by seeing personal blind spots and how they might be sabotaging themselves with crutches in their lives. But, most of all, she shows them how to grow through connection with others.

In this episode of Trend Following Radio:

  • Calculated risk
  • Idiot compassion vs. wise compassion
  • Loneliness epidemic
  • “Them and Us” mentality
  • Speed of want
  • 24-hour news cycle

Mentions & Resources:

“When I started… being more mechanical, my perspective in everything changed.”

Feedback in:

My biggest challenge I faced with trading was controlling my emotions, I felt like being in a roller coaster and that did not help me at all. Made me lose many trades until I realized how that was affecting my performance at trading and at life. But, when I started making changes and started being more mechanical, my perspective in everything changed. After starting to read your Trend following book I knew and started to understand what I was doing without proper knowledge and fell in love with it.

Hope to learn even more from this mini trend following course through email.

Thank you!