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Job Seekers: Read Seth Godin’s Linchpin

Feedback in:

Mr. Covel,

First let me just acknowledge I know you instructed me to do more than just email you regarding a research assistant job that requires relocation to Asia and I fully intend to pursue other contact avenues, but I wanted to put something down as a primer for you as I pursue you via phone, etc. I’m also aware that you mentioned this in a podcast from February of 2014, but I’m still so struck with the opportunity and your books that I had to write and hope a position of some kind is still available or something can be worked out between us if you feel I’m a fit.

My background: I’ve been a big fan of your work since reading The Little Book of Trading last summer. I came to find you from watching a [name] DVD of a seminar you spoke at and while I almost immediately dropped [other style], I pursued trend following education immediately. I looked into Ed Seykota’s trading tribe and you’re right. I felt like Yoda was talking at a level far beyond mere markets, but it was something David Harding said about having come up in the business by spending hours hand charting that set me to work drawing market after market and time frame after time frame. This has been a huge help. I’ve since read all of your books and the independent thinker in me is totally taken with the approach. I agree with your opinion about the future state of our workforce being arbitraged away by the internet and technology and I’m doing everything under my power to educate myself.

I would be completely exhilarated to work with you on this research project and also excited to relocate to Asia. I’ve spent the last three and a half years living in NYC, studying market s all day, hand charting and reading everything I can. Previous to this I worked in the entertainment business as I Creative Executive for a film director (hugely research intensive) as well as a writer. Then I got hooked on markets. I took the route with [firm name], spending a lot of money and again, trying to be a daytrader as I erroneously assumed this was the way to riches. I read all the standard books and tried method after method. I was hooked because I’ve always been an individualist and I wanted to carve out my future through my own sweat. I’m now finally cured of this daytrading fever, and the Managed Futures/Quant/Macro Funds are my model of ideal approach to trading, thanks to your work.

Incidentally, I’ve been looking often on over the last six months to find a way to relocate internationally and find something to do to support myself while studying markets, so the opportunity to work with the guy who has sat down with the best of the best and created his own ingenious niche in this business seems like fate. Do please consider me as a candidate, I’m hardworking, endlessly curious and ready for adventure. As I said, I will be pursuing you via phone and other avenues ASAP. Just for reference my cell phone is [#]. I look forward to talking.

Best regards,

Thanks for your interest and the feedback.

Note: For everyone on the job pursuit path consider here.

Just Starting Out? Read Like Crazy!

Feedback in:

Dear Michael,

My name is Jason and I am an avid listener to your podcast. I have a 13-year-old son who I would love to guide toward having the kind of economic freedom and lifestyle you talk about on your podcast. I am a dentist and am not familiar with what it takes to make it in the world of finance, entrepreneurship, and investing. I would be very interested in what educational goals and life experiences you would encourage a smart, 13-year old young man to go after given your valuable insight having been highly successful yourself and having interviewed many highly successful people. Would you take a certain course of study? Would you start a business or go into a certain profession? Would you work in a corporation to learn the ins and outs of the world of business?

It is a little overwhelming when trying to figure out how to steer a young man, but I guess the bottom line is this: What would you plan to do from 13-21 if you had to do it all over again? Any thoughts you may have would be greatly appreciated. Again, the podcast is awesome and keep up the great work!


I would read like crazy:

That list will keep someone busy for a few years. I would start a business or fund.

Thank you very much for responding to my email. It is a real battle these days to keep kids from being totally absorbed into the world of endless social media distractions on one hand and also being caught up in the political agenda the schools are up to on the other.

That looks like a great reading list and it definitely will keep him busy for a while to come! I also appreciate your advice to start a business or a fund also. Hopefully, those resources and direction will give him a chance to really know what makes this world turn. Again, the podcast is wonderful, and I truly appreciate your email response.


Who Are the Trend Following Heretics?

Feedback in:

To Whom It May Concern, My name is Roger [name] and I am a senior at [name] University in Nashville, TN. Over the past year or so I have learned a great deal about trend following from Michael Covel’s podcasts and other sources. I have been actively trading the market for the last year, and by way of several mistakes and miscalculations I have arrived at trend following as the most comprehensive and profitable strategy that I have ever employed in the market. Having learned a great deal from Michael Covel, Jon Boorman and others, I have cultivated the desire to help others seek profitable opportunities in the market using a systematic trend following and risk management discipline.

As a senior in college, I am currently looking for employment opportunities in the field of trading. While I have had the privilege of meeting professionals who I have great respect for, I have noticed that trend following seems to be “heresy” among certain circles within what Mr. Covel describes as the “system”. While this makes the job search process difficult, it has ironically strengthened my commitment to continue doing what I have been doing. As popular as this methodology is among certain circles, trend following appears to be an untapped market in many ways.

With all of that being said, I appreciate all that you and your company are doing for trading education. I would be honored to be a guest on your podcast and believe that I would bring a unique perspective given my background, age, and my current quest to find a post undergraduate job. I look forward to further correspondence with you and hope to be considered for this great opportunity.

Kind regards,

Roger [name]

Thanks Roger. Maybe we try an episode this year.

BTW, who are the heretics?

Note: For those seeking employment in the trading field read Linchpin and maybe that goal of employment will dissipate.

Where To Start in Trend Following…

Feedback in:

Hi Michael Covel, my name is [name] and I graduated from Rutgers University last year with a BA in Mathematics and Economics. I have been following your podcast and have read a couple of your books and am very interested in pursuing a career in trend following. I was always disenchanted with the investment banking paradigm, but really believe in the power of trend following. I have been following the markets for the past 5 years and have invested some of my own money during that time. What are some good ways for a guy just starting out to get his foot in the door in this industry? I believe the experience that comes with working for an experienced trend follower would be invaluable. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Read Linchpin by Seth Godin.

Read Atlas Shrugged.

Read Jack Schwager’s Market Wizard books.

Read my four books.

Listen to all podcast episodes.

Knock on doors if you want a job.

If you want to be a trend trader? Get a system and start trading.

Short list–lots of advice.

Note: Be prepared to never be hired by a trend trader. Then what? Back to my list. You can also consider other options here.

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