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Who Are the Trend Following Heretics?

Feedback in:

To Whom It May Concern, My name is Roger [name] and I am a senior at [name] University in Nashville, TN. Over the past year or so I have learned a great deal about trend following from Michael Covel’s podcasts and other sources. I have been actively trading the market for the last year, and by way of several mistakes and miscalculations I have arrived at trend following as the most comprehensive and profitable strategy that I have ever employed in the market. Having learned a great deal from Michael Covel, Jon Boorman and others, I have cultivated the desire to help others seek profitable opportunities in the market using a systematic trend following and risk management discipline.

As a senior in college, I am currently looking for employment opportunities in the field of trading. While I have had the privilege of meeting professionals who I have great respect for, I have noticed that trend following seems to be “heresy” among certain circles within what Mr. Covel describes as the “system”. While this makes the job search process difficult, it has ironically strengthened my commitment to continue doing what I have been doing. As popular as this methodology is among certain circles, trend following appears to be an untapped market in many ways.

With all of that being said, I appreciate all that you and your company are doing for trading education. I would be honored to be a guest on your podcast and believe that I would bring a unique perspective given my background, age, and my current quest to find a post undergraduate job. I look forward to further correspondence with you and hope to be considered for this great opportunity.

Kind regards,

Roger [name]

Thanks Roger. Maybe we try an episode this year.

BTW, who are the heretics?

Note: For those seeking employment in the trading field read Linchpin and maybe that goal of employment will dissipate.

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