5 thoughts on “Read Linchpin by Seth Godin

  1. I would venture to guess that most posters here have a post-secondary degree as do I. I understand the expense of a degree may not always be worth it but hardly think it is the total waste of money that some advocate. Recent data shows that those with college degrees are unemployed for far less time than their high school/GED counterparts and make more money.

    My daughter is in college now. She is going in- state on a prepaid plan which I purchased for her when she was one. She also has a partial scholarship and we socked away $50 a month for her for 17 years. So, total cost to her is nothing and thankfully, I’m not stroking any big checks.

    I understand that a college degree doesn’t make you smart or guarantee success. My wife never went to college but has run a successful business for years. I just think it gives you the opportunity to discover and investigate different points of view. It is that intellectual curiosity which is honed at college and the people that you establish relationships with that can give you a leg up.

  2. Joe, ‘Linchpin’ is not about a lack of intellectual curiosity. If anything, it puts to shame the curiosity taught/seen on campus. I maintain the game has changed.

  3. I was responding to the cartoon. The book looks interesting. I agree the game has changed. Colleges used to be much more open places for expression. I tell my daughter often that if you want to be successful, you have to learn to think for yourself and work for yourself!

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