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Where Did All the Money Go?

Feedback in:

Michael, is the last black swan the next black swan? Please have an expert on your show to explain where are all those toxic assets (CDOs, collateral debt obligations, or mortgage backed securities) are now? They caused the crash (2008), so where are they? The Fed buys some every month apparently, but where the heck are they all and whose balance sheets are they on? Banks, taxpayer? What could they do to the economy now or in the future? Did they just disappear or get absolved somehow?



Best explanation.

2008 Crisis: Reality TV


Hey Mike, Awhile ago you linked me up with your publishing agent. We had several pleasant email exchanges, now I can’t find his info. Can you provide please? In addition, your opinion on this project, I was contacted by a guy who worked with a major mortgage servicing company during the crisis. His job was to review hardship letters from folks about to lose their homes. He filed away 100’s of these and wants to do a book chronicling the crisis from the POV of the homeowner using the letters. Seems like a real life reality TV show type book to me and a great idea. Any thoughts on the viability of the idea? Thanks!


My publishing agent. Not sure on your proposed idea. I would need to see all of the raw stuff/data, etc. However, if you put your time and energy in — you will get back out what you give.

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