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Yoga, Podcasts and Trend Following

Feedback in:


I am the guy who was a member years ago, then recently renewed. I was hounding you in regards to the TradeStation systems that you built. I was also the guy who has been doing yoga, but only with YouTube videos. I used the funds that I won from the super bowl boxes for private lessons at a studio. It was fantastic. My practice grew exponentially. Unfortunately Spring Break with the family came right after the private lessons and I have regressed. I started up again recently, but again only at home. The studio that I like has classes that do not match with my schedule at this time. I enjoy yoga, but my practice is not where I would like. I will need to change my schedule to get my practice to grow. As far as trading goes. I have been watching my portfolio of symbols using a charting software. I haven’t been able to get involved with Trade Station. My wife and I have been having some life changing discussions about our finances. She is starting to come round to understand Trend Following, but so far I haven’t been a good salesmen. I have been listening to your podcasts, and love them. I hadn’t used my phone to listen to them before and now I can’t wait for my commute! I look forward to seeing the notification that you have a new podcast available. I finally figured out how to download older episodes so I will have days of the podcast to listen to. Have you ever had Josh Brown on? One of the podcast that I recently listened to you read an article of Josh’s that was fantastic. It was about everyone being a technical trader. If you haven’t had him on, that would be one for the not miss category. I also loved the stuff that you have done recently with basketball. The part about the Celtics coach and the audio of Gregg Popovich was filled with some great nuggets. I guess this is a long (very long) winded way of saying thanks. I appreciate all the material that you have out there for your students and for all. Someday I will pull the trigger for the TS code. I see that as my only way because of my business.

Thanks again,


Josh is a busy guy, but he knows I welcome him any time.

Do Yoga
Do Yoga

Your Feedback Makes the Show

Podcast guest recommendation feedback in:

Dear Michael, I’m not sure how I found your podcasts. Must be a stroke of good luck. I find them to be superb.

In the late 70’s and early 80’s, I had a patient and casual friend who was a financial systems analysis with one of the Kaiser Companies in Oakland, CA. He equaled his yearly Kaiser salary counting cards in Nevada. In October 1987, he was using a rudimentary computer in a small independent stock brokerage office next to my dental office. I remember well that fateful day of the crash. A short time later he purchased a seat on some exchange in Chicago. I saw a wright up on him in a obscure financial magazine which described how he started in Chicago with $100K. He doubled it yearly for about 5 or 6 years. He continued to prosper over the next several years.

In early 2000’s his company was purchased by [name] for around $[xxx] million. In 2004, he ran for the [political office]. He lost to now [politician].

His name is [Name]. His company was [Name]. There is some info on the Internet and he now runs [Name] in Chicago.

I have not seen [Name] for many years but would feel comfortable contacting him to explore speaking with you if you are interested.

I am now 80 years old and have diminished eye sight. Reading is a challenge but I am determined to read all of your books on my iPad. Please give me your recommendation for the order in which to read them.

Warm regards,

I know of [Name], and know he built a legendary career. If you could arrange for an introduction that would be great. [Name] would be a natural fit with my guests, and I suspect he knows many of them, i.e. Leo Melamed, Peter Borish, Jerry Parker, Ed Seykota, Larry Hite, etc.

Interviewee Ideas are Always Welcomed

We are still working on dates for a Singapore trend following conference. Also, if you have any suggestions for podcast guests, send them our way:

Mike, I would definitely be interested in learning more about Trend Following Conference in Asia dates, time and agenda. Also, I think a great guest would be Tom Dorsey from Dorsey Wright & Associates. He started his career as a stock broker with Merrill back in the early 70’s, ran an options dept then started his own company back in 1987. Tom has traveled the world and has met lots of great people and has incredible stories. His company provides guidance for advisers, institutions, hedge funds around the world. Based on Point & Figure applications and Relative Strength (all related to Trend Following).

Keep up the great work! Thanks for all of the inspiration!!

Matt N.

Thanks. I will email Tom and Singapore news to follow.

Where Did All the Money Go?

Feedback in:

Michael, is the last black swan the next black swan? Please have an expert on your show to explain where are all those toxic assets (CDOs, collateral debt obligations, or mortgage backed securities) are now? They caused the crash (2008), so where are they? The Fed buys some every month apparently, but where the heck are they all and whose balance sheets are they on? Banks, taxpayer? What could they do to the economy now or in the future? Did they just disappear or get absolved somehow?



Best explanation.

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