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Your Neighbor Might Not Be Your Best Gauge


Mike, I’m very happy to correspond with you. I have read 80% of all trades are losers. Do you have statical data regarding the success of traders after having taken [your training and applying your systems]? Thank you, Terry

Thanks for the question.

I can teach clients, but I can’t force anyone to disclose anything or track their brokerage accounts. Frankly, I don’t want to force anyone to do anything. You can read success stories from our products here, but ultimately this comes down to a client sticking with a trend trading system.

Inspiration from Top Trader: Kevin Bruce

Feedback in from a client:

“I’ve been re-watching the DVDs and I have to say the Kevin Bruce one is my favorite. The guy was self taught!?! Started with 5k?!? (even accounting for inflation is still amazing), developed a system with a hand-held calculator in a gas station [while working his way through college]!?! That’s amazing. The best part was when the lady at his gym thought he was a construction worker.”

No Way Covel! Yes, Way!

I saw this:

This actually would be my one and only criticism of Covel. He makes it sound like ANYBODY can successfully create and follow a mechanical system and make money like clockwork. IMO most people are not cut out for it…The amount of discipline required is zen-like.

First, putting aside ‘trend following’, and just considering any worthwhile endeavor, people CAN & DO make anything happen in life. The Talent Code and Talent is Overrated both make a strong case against this position. Second, my book The Complete TurtleTrader is an even better response to the “everyone can’t do it” line. The story of how an actor, a musician, a drug dealer, blackjack players — novices — made millions is inspirational. I am the first one to say that the Turtle story almost seems like fiction, but it’s not.

The Turtles Were “Taught”

John B. Watson, psychologist, and founder of “Behaviorism” once offered:

“Men are built, not born. Give me the baby, and I’ll make it climb and use its hands in constructing buildings of stone or wood. I’ll make it a thief, a gunman or a dope fiend. The possibilities of shaping in any direction are almost endless.”

I thought of this quotation today due a phone call. The caller wanted to know why the Turtles today have differences in performance. Two issues for consideration:

1. Some Turtles like Jerry Parker have chosen a path of less risk and less return. Some like Tom Shanks have stayed true to their higher risk/reward roots. Even though they have made different choices they are BOTH still trend following Turtle traders!
2. Beyond risk/reward choices, chapters 11, 12, 13 and the afterword of my book lay out a clear picture why some Turtles made it and some did not.

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