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Your Neighbor Might Not Be Your Best Gauge


Mike, I’m very happy to correspond with you. I have read 80% of all trades are losers. Do you have statical data regarding the success of traders after having taken [your training and applying your systems]? Thank you, Terry

Thanks for the question.

I can teach clients, but I can’t force anyone to disclose anything or track their brokerage accounts. Frankly, I don’t want to force anyone to do anything. You can read success stories from our products here, but ultimately this comes down to a client sticking with a trend trading system.

Two Simple Guildelines to Follow When Trading For Others


Hey Michael, I’ve finally gotten to the point of developing programming models that show high rates of return over time using EMA crossover systems, I’m curious what advice you have going forward in terms of potentially getting into the industry professionally.

Make money.

And find clients who like what you do. Anything more than that is inefficient.

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