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Trend Following in Geneva

Feedback in:

Good Morning Mr Covel,

My name is [Name], I’m 27 years old, and from my first day on a trading desk, I’m a huge fan of your podcastwebsitebooks. I started my career helping a senior trader setting up a trend following trading company here in Geneva. We have been very successful from day one but mismanagement and lack of patience from the management resulted in a strategy’s change in the company (more macro/equity).

As you can imagine, this has structured my way of trading/approach. I’m currently an FX/Commos Trader at [Company], the trading arm of [Company]. Even if I can’t implement a complete TF program, I’m using this approach on a daily basis and I hope I’ll have the patience to use it for the next 40 years!

I’m writing to you as I heard several times in your podcast that you send a free package/copy of your DVD to your listeners. Not sure I heard correctly but in case I had, I would be glad to receive one!

In France, my direction is:

In Switzerland:

I would also be glad to come to one of your events if you pass by Geneva! Thanks in advance for the DVD, but sincerely thank you for your work/dedication around the TF concepts.

Best regards,

DVD on the way!

Trend Following from Quebec

Feedback in:

Let me just thank you from the bottom of my heart for making all this information available to the public. I’m a fairly young guy from a French speaking weird part of this world called Quebec. Money here is seen very negatively and for a youngster to breakout and reach for trading success is quite unusual. Thanks to you I was able to wrap my arms around trend following at a very young age. Everything I did after reading your books was done in a way to connect more and more with trend following. My entire mind is now being reprogrammed slowly with time and effort. Not only have I read everything available on the subject but I also made it mine by taking time to understand it…I mean understand. It’s been 3 years now and I think it’s time for me to give grace to those who showed a path worth the taking. You, Van Tharp, Ed Seykota, Charles Faulkner, Tom Basso and many others have carved my mind with your writings.

Thank you
31 years old, Canada

You are welcome.

Trend Following: Pura Vida!

Feedback in:

Hi Michael, I´m a Tim Sykes Challenge student [and] I saw you in one of his DVDs. Since then I have followed your podcast (and great interviews by the way). I’m [an] audio guy [and] I only found your audio book [for] “The Little Book of in Trading”. [W]hen [will] the others books…be available in audio?

I´ve been a broker for 17 years in Costa Rica in [Name] (biggest Insurance company in Central America) and my clients currently are pension funds: private and public. The markets in this country are changing. Our pension funds administrate 15B in local currency and they are doing baby steps to invest in the US markets. Could you recommend me the top funds that do Trend Following that specialize in pension funds or insurance companies?

Greetings from Costa Rica, or how we say, “PURA VIDA”.

Review my podcast. Many names. All of my books? More names. No secrets!

Trend Following Works All Markets All Countries

Some feedback and my responses:

Shankar: Hi, Do you have any Indian students?

Covel: Yes.

Shankar: If yes how are they doing, how many?

Covel: I don’t have access to any student’s brokerage account, but you can read feedback here.

Shankar: Ok.

Covel: I would recommend that in the long run you might want to view yourself in search of a good trading education and research. Judging your potential success by the success or lack thereof from your neighbor will not help you find success. More here on the issues of taking responsibility for your success.

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