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Bhagavad Gita and Trend Following

Feedback in:

Hi Michael, I have been following you now for the last -2- years and always look forward to the various podcasts. Absolute gems they are. I have read all your books and they are all master pieces for trend followers like me. The more I read them, hear to your interviews so many great traders and their psychology including the moment of now. I would request you to read the “The Bhagavad Gita” as it is, by ISKCON. The book should be available in the US as there are many ISKCON temples.

Sriram [Name]


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Some feedback and my responses:

Shankar: Hi, Do you have any Indian students?

Covel: Yes.

Shankar: If yes how are they doing, how many?

Covel: I don’t have access to any student’s brokerage account, but you can read feedback here.

Shankar: Ok.

Covel: I would recommend that in the long run you might want to view yourself in search of a good trading education and research. Judging your potential success by the success or lack thereof from your neighbor will not help you find success. More here on the issues of taking responsibility for your success.

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