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Trend Following in Geneva

Feedback in:

Good Morning Mr Covel,

My name is [Name], I’m 27 years old, and from my first day on a trading desk, I’m a huge fan of your podcastwebsitebooks. I started my career helping a senior trader setting up a trend following trading company here in Geneva. We have been very successful from day one but mismanagement and lack of patience from the management resulted in a strategy’s change in the company (more macro/equity).

As you can imagine, this has structured my way of trading/approach. I’m currently an FX/Commos Trader at [Company], the trading arm of [Company]. Even if I can’t implement a complete TF program, I’m using this approach on a daily basis and I hope I’ll have the patience to use it for the next 40 years!

I’m writing to you as I heard several times in your podcast that you send a free package/copy of your DVD to your listeners. Not sure I heard correctly but in case I had, I would be glad to receive one!

In France, my direction is:

In Switzerland:

I would also be glad to come to one of your events if you pass by Geneva! Thanks in advance for the DVD, but sincerely thank you for your work/dedication around the TF concepts.

Best regards,

DVD on the way!

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