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Interviewee Ideas are Always Welcomed

We are still working on dates for a Singapore trend following conference. Also, if you have any suggestions for podcast guests, send them our way:

Mike, I would definitely be interested in learning more about Trend Following Conference in Asia dates, time and agenda. Also, I think a great guest would be Tom Dorsey from Dorsey Wright & Associates. He started his career as a stock broker with Merrill back in the early 70’s, ran an options dept then started his own company back in 1987. Tom has traveled the world and has met lots of great people and has incredible stories. His company provides guidance for advisers, institutions, hedge funds around the world. Based on Point & Figure applications and Relative Strength (all related to Trend Following).

Keep up the great work! Thanks for all of the inspiration!!

Matt N.

Thanks. I will email Tom and Singapore news to follow.

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