Two Simple Guildelines to Follow When Trading For Others


Hey Michael, I’ve finally gotten to the point of developing programming models that show high rates of return over time using EMA crossover systems, I’m curious what advice you have going forward in terms of potentially getting into the industry professionally.

Make money.

And find clients who like what you do. Anything more than that is inefficient.

One thought on “Two Simple Guildelines to Follow When Trading For Others

  1. Thankyou Michael for being the inspiration for me finding a strategy based on trend following. I admit it wasn’t easy (took me two years)and I had many ups and downs through my journey learning how to trade. I don’t have a lot of income, in fact I have managed to survive on small amounts. However, with the concept of compounding wealth, the trend following strategy I use will finally give me the hope of fulfilling my dream of independence.

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