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Don’t Run Against the Wind… Go With the Flow


Hi Michael, A quick note to thank you for the wonderful podcasts (and your books). I’ve been listening to them whenever I go for my runs a few times a week. And in the midst of all the market nonsense, these podcasts (TF-related or not) have kept me sane as I trade trends. TF is like running with the wind which may not come all the time. But when they do come (slow or fast & furious), I make sure I run with it, not against it. It’s easier that way. I sometimes wonder why people run against the wind. Press on with your work!

Warmest regards,

Thanks Francis!

Think About the Random Nature of Trends

Trends either up or down are random. You never know when one will hit, but you have to be ready for their unexpected arrival. Here are some recent trend examples:

Chart 1
Chart 2
Chart 3
Chart 4

However, it’s not about one winning chart or two or three. It’s about a portfolio of markets in the context of a complete trend following system. And yes there will be losing charts too.

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