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Leave Your Analysis at the Door

Feedback in:

Dear Micheal, I have a question for you that you might be having an answer for it. The question is related to those that try to ignore your market views only because its not based on fundamentals but based on TA [technical analysis], which is a huge debate that has been going on for centuries. For example, when you do your analysis and come up with a result that [the] market is indicting weakness in the medium term but market continues going higher and after few weeks or a month markets start to sell off aggressively and losing 15% in 1 week. Those people come to you and tell you, “But you where bearish for a long time and market went up and if we sold at that time we would have lost that the extra profit,” while if you told them [the] market could drop tomorrow, and it did they will also say that there was not enough time to get out as your call was late. How do you over come such debate? Appreciate your thoughts. Thanks in advance.

I am a trend follower. None of this debate or analysis applies. Have you read my first two books?

Note: Asking to read my books is not a dodge to his question, but rather an answer that will make his life better if he listens.

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