No Funnymentals in Trend Following

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Hi Michael, I’ve been trading trends the last 3 years and it’s been good. However, whenever I revisit Market Wizards or listen to your podcasts, I always notice that some of the great traders, including the trend followers, have some fundamental aspects in their trading plus the use of technical indicators other than price. If trading is merely trading numbers and price action is really what matters, is it foolhardy to think that trading without charts(just daily closing prices and nothing else) can be profitable? I had manually churned out a set of performance data based on some EOD price charts of the last 15 years. But I’m planning to work on evaluating my trend following system using only prices and no charts. Is there someone who has traded trends profitably without charts? I appreciate your entire work of trend following. Thank you! Warmest regards, Francis T.

The core trend followers in my books? No funnymentals (Ed Seykota term of course). None of the trend followers in my books talk about charts. They use price data. Do charts help? That’s all subjective! Price is objective.

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  1. I have been timing the market for over 40 years using closing prices. No predictions, no guessing, no what if’s. Most people think it can’t be done. I made about 40% in the last 12 months. Beware of a guy who tells you how much he has made. My results are documented on my weekly newsletters. Timer Digest ranked me 5th on their Top Ten Timers List on May 13, 2013. I don’t expect you to believe any of this!!!

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