Ep. 91: The Six Inches Between Your Ears with Michael Covel on Trend Following Radio

Today’s podcast is about the six inches between the ears: your mind, your ego, and the mental part of the game that is so important to being a successful trader, entrepreneur, or pretty much anything that doesn’t involve working for the man. Michael Covel opens up by talking about a book by Brenda Ueland called “If You Want to Write“. Specifically, it’s a book about writing, how to write, and how to think about writing. However, Covel notes that you can take the word “writing” and insert anything and have it apply: trend following, basket weaving, running–it doesn’t make a difference. That’s the way the book was written, and that’s what Michael Covel gets at in today’s episode. Understanding the precepts that Covel talks about in today’s episode are relevant to trend following trading, being an entrepreneur, having a good life, having good friends, or having a family. For those of you that might be “quant jocks”, and might not think the emotional and psychology are as or more important than the numbers, Covel passes along an anecdote about legendary trend following trader Ed Seykota. It’s the internal, the ego, the psychology, the emotions–all these pieces wrapped together are the foundation for all success. Covel goes on to read selections from a new e-book compilation from several different authors, and connects the dots. He covers fascination, gumption, focus, leaping, timeless, confidence, passion, poker, and adventure. It’s not time to just count another year. It’s time to plan an adventure–whether it’s travel, becoming a trend following trader, or anything else that speaks to you. Regardless of whatever success you want to achieve, this is it. If you can get the mental side of the equation down, you’re going to win.

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