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Ray Dalio’s Words Of Wisdom That Sound Trend Following-Like

Some feedback:

Michael, congratulations on your work to date. I have your books and they are wonderful resources but I must say your work in the podcast is truly undervalued and trades way below fair value (one for the Ben Grahamites). I have noted you discussing the possibilities of Bridgewater/Dalio actually being the biggest trend followers on the planet. Clearly they don’t openly admit to this but there is plenty of anecdotal evidence to strongly suggest it. Anyway I found the following direct quotes from Dalio that firmly made my mind up. I’m sure you and your followers will also decipher them accordingly.

“Bad opinions can be very costly. Most people come up with opinions and there’s no cost to them. Not so in the market. This is why I have learned to be cautious. No matter how hard I work, I really can’t be sure. I wrestled with my realities, reflected on the consequences of my decisions, and learned and improved from this process.”

Keep up the truly outstanding efforts. More than appreciated.


Nice find Steven. When people wonder how some hedge funds might really trade they should consider the film Argo. Subterfuge ain’t a new concept. I don’t know Dalio’s exact strategy, but it is my understanding he calls it a mechanical no discretion all fundamental approach. Well…

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