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Singapore Trend Following Event

Feedback in:

Michael, I’m a corn farmer in NE Colorado. I really appreciate your blog and the interviews. You have created a great interest in SE Asia for me. I may come see you in Singapore for your seminar. I want to see [the] beautiful women on scooters!

Yes, I can understand. Corn farming is noble and perhaps lucrative, but you are right about beauty in that part of the world. More soon on Trend Following event in Singapore.

Behind the Curtain

I share many items for free on my websites. Unfortunately, there are some items that must remain behind closed doors:

Michael, first of all, thank you for all of your work. I appreciate your conviction and tireless effort. You referenced an Eckhardt audio speech in your podcast episode with Van Tharp. Would you be willing to share the speech with me? I would be very interested to hear the speech from Mr. Eckhardt. Please let me know at your earliest convenience. Keep up the great work!

Thank you,

Unfortunately I can’t share it. Wish I could.

I Will Take Your Stage and Win Converts

A recent email exchange:

Name: Do you ever speak to buy side equity funds? [I] was thinking if you did, I would love for you to speak to my guys in Stamford. The constraint as I mentioned to you is that we’re using relative valuation to find the outlier stocks to buy and short, so fundamentals, albeit objectively driven in lieu of emotionally driven, are part of the process. Let me know.

Covel: I am always game to opportunities. In the States in January [and then off to Singapore].

Name: Great. Let me come back to you.

Entrepreneurs Gathers in Bangkok; Thanks for the Stage!

Feedback on my latest live presentation for

Hey Michael, loved your presentation! I am a digital nomad, from Brazil (lived in more than 6 countries), and think that interviewing (via Skype) you would be awesome to introduce you to the Brazilian market and to share your knowledge. Let me know if you are up to it. 30 minutes of your time for thousands of viewers. Your presentation [in Bangkok] was awesome cause you connected with people at a ‘human-success-struggle-story’ level. It was awesome!

Thanks for the kind words. The event was a great time and filled with some amazing current, and up-and-coming entrepreneurs. Looking forward to next year.

Authority v. Tradition Is Central to Your Speculative Decisions

“Because we’ve always done it that way.”

Those are the words of someone likely to lose big–soon. Authority is not a wise foundation for speculative moneymaking decisions. Consider:

Appeal to authority is bad, but appeal to tradition is even worse. Experts aren’t infallible, but at least expertise is usually hard-won and retains some applicability over time. By contrast, tradition is often totally arbitrary or based on reasons that retain no relevance whatsoever. Also, an expert can issue a correction but tradition remains immutable and sacred (source: Jeff Darcy).

I would argue that almost all fundamental style investing falls into a category of tradition. Very few look for an alternative such as trend following. They figure that since it appears that everyone has invested or traded a certain way–that it must be the only way. They forget to dig deeper and forget to look for the truth behind why investing/trading works. Always searching for the “why?” is part of my February 25th presentation in Tokyo.

Choppy Market Navigation?

Feedback in:

Hi Michael, I met you at Tim Sykes Conference this year. I am interested to know more about your trend following strategies. Are they applicable in today’s choppy market environment and can we apply it to options trading with time decay working against us with the simple calls n puts? –Monique C.

Time decay is an issue for regular options. But as a trend trader you won’t be trading regular options–just LEAPs options–and time decay is not the issue there.

Choppy markets? One can never predict when a market will be choppy or not. You need a strategy for all markets conditions and trend following fits the bill. It won’t make money during the chop, but it will aim to lose less. Sometimes minimizing losses is much more important v. trying to make money. You can only take what the market gives.

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