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Joe Kernen Doesn’t Like Being Questioned

This video with Joe Kernen and David Harding on CNBC led to Kernen getting a little testy on Twitter with me. An excerpt from Kernen and I:

Kernen: Oh yeah. [Harding] Great for an interview. Absolutely no predictions or forecasts about what might happen in the future.

Covel: So the interviewee blows if he can’t forecast tomorrow?

Covel: Why have a trader on who does not predict and then ask for a prediction?

Kernen: Why wrestle with pigs when all you get is dirty. Toodles.

Why so curt with me? I did rip him earlier here.

Michael Covel, Joe Kernen & CNBC Insanity

My new book Trend Commandments tackles financial news head on. An excerpt where I analyze a CNBC interview with trend trader David Harding:

Joe Kernen is not devoid of academic intelligence. He holds a bachelor’s degree from the University of Colorado in molecular, cellular, and developmental biology and master’s degree from Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He worked at several investment banks including Merrill Lynch. I am no Harding fanboy or apologist, but I have spent time with him. That research time, coupled with his public career and track record, make him one of the most learned trend trading voices of the past twenty years. It is clear to me that Kernen had a preformulated agenda [in the interview]. His questioning was a transparent attempt to marginalize Harding and trend following. Why would Kernen do that? Imagine if the interview started like this:

“We at CNBC believe in efficient markets and the use of fundamental analysis. Our business model requires viewers to watch. Today, we have a guest on who has made billions with trend following trading, which does not require fundamental analysis or CNBC. Would you like to know how to make money without ever watching our channel again? Welcome David Harding!”


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CNBC’s Joe Kernen Interviews David Harding; Can You Spell No Preparation?

So was Joe Kernen really that clueless before interviewing David Harding? Or was his apparent lack of knowledge regarding trend following done on purpose to try and marginalize Harding?

Either way, Kernen is pathetic.

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