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Ep. 33: David Stendahl Interview with Michael Covel on Trend Following Radio

Dave Stendahl
Dave Stendahl

My guest today is Dave Stendahl of Capitalogix, the Managing Partner at Signal Trading Group and the co-author of a number of books. His focus is on trading systems and portfolio construction, specifically within the global futures markets. He tracks and trades 40 individual markets across eight different sectors.

The topic is trading.

In this episode of Trend Following Radio we discuss:

  • Stendahl’s approach is that a system should have as few moving parts as possible; it should be simple enough to be explained on the back of a cocktail napkin
  • Analogy to cars, and how you can easily fix a simpler car in your garage as opposed to a complex Lexus
  • Everyone is using a system in one way or another
  • Stendahl talks about his beginnings, collaborating with his father in the mid 1970’s
  • When he was introduced to technical analysis, and had the lightbulb moment, he realized he could make money based off of something other than fundamentals.
  • Stendahl’s dyslexia
  • Ray Dalio of Bridgewater, who says that he is 100% systematic, but doesn’t use any technical information
  • Position sizing and money management, and how you can approach this systematically

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