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“Every episode you always say to reach out… Well I never have, until now.”

Feedback in:

Hello Michael,

I have been an relentless listener of your podcast since the Fall of last year. I’ve listened to all the new episodes since then, and I’m quickly making my way backwards to take in the years I’ve missed. I cannot tell you how much you have helped me with my mindset and goal setting. Every episode you always say to reach out and you’ll provide the necessary steps to get started in trend following. Well I never have, until now.

I was just listening to Episode 559 where you interview Daniel DiPiazza. I can relate to the conversations you had with Daniel because I am a 26 year old, with a useless degree, and working a 9-5. So actually, I can relate to most of it besides the levels of success you both have achieved (but I’ll get there). I was particularly drawn to when you gave your story about reading Unlimited Power by Tony Robbins. You talked about how Spielberg had repeatedly gone to the Universal Lot to watch how movies were made and to be close to the action. You went on to explain your path of reaching out to specific fund managers for advice, which have now become some of your best friends. Your small, but BIG story has inspired me to follow in your footsteps down this path of discovery.

Michael, I do have two things to ask. Would you graciously provide me with any material or insights that would get me going in the right direction and continue my learning. I’ve attached a document which outlines my notes from Chapter 5 of The Complete TurtleTrader. I wanted to show you this because this chapter is gold. This chapter has provided me an excellent foundation for risk management, position sizing, making decisions, etc. Secondly, you spoke about needing a creative approach in reaching out to fund managers. What was your unique approach and do you have a particular mistake that you learned from?

Thank you for your time.

Your follower,

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