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Unlimited Power: Read It Please

Feedback in:

Hi Michael, I just wanted to say thank you for writing your books. I’ve read all of them so far except for Trend Commandments.

I am also writing to you for advice. You said, “if all you think you have to do to gain an audience with one of these legendary traders is write a letter, think again.” Or something to that effect. I guess my question is, how should one go about gaining an audience with a Jerry Parker or Salem Abraham? I am going to enter into a paper trading contest and the winner at the end will receive $10K. I am a recent college graduate with a mountain of debt already so winning this contest would be a huge first step on my (hopeful) trend following career. And getting an audience with one of these traders, and possibly gaining a mentor, would help make that happen.

In the midst of this crazy political climate, I have recently gone from neutral to very conservative. This was the first profound experience I had in recent months and discovering your books was the second. Because trend following and technical analysis perfectly resemble conservative beliefs. And fundamental analysis perfectly resembles liberal beliefs, which are both flawed at their core because they both place their faith in something that is fundamentally flawed, human emotion… I am very interested in meeting Jerry Parker one day to see what he thinks about this since he is a conservative. I am seeing so many parallels between politics and trend following. I’m curious to know what you think as well. Anyway, sorry for this small political rant. Thanks again, Michael. Any advice you have is greatly appreciated!

All the best,

Please read Seth Godin’s Linchpin and Anthony Robbins’ Unlimited Power. Those books will put you in the right frame of mind to approach anyone.

The second one worked for me 100%.

Unlimited Power
Unlimited Power

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