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“Your book opened my eyes. Thank God for that.”

Listener: Recently, I read three books you have written about Trend Following. Primarily, I am a value investor, but your book opened my eyes. Thank God for that. I am not saying value investing does not work but trend following is perhaps more important.

Thank you very much for having written your splendid books and educating me on Trend Following.

Covel: Thanks [Name]!

Listener: You are welcome Mr. Covel. I have actually bought another one of your books, Trend Commandments. It is very good. I am always surprised at people’s dating and money making strategy and how convinced they are that they have it right even if they are not getting results. To quote John Maynard Keynes who said “When the facts change, I change my mind. What do you do Sir?”. Unfortunately, people rarely change their mind.

I am surprised you don’t have higher book sales than you have presently. Your books are probably some of the most important works on investing I have read in the last few years. People are lemmings and they’ll easily forgo pots of gold if it means that they’ve stand out of the crowd. I am following you on Twitter now.

Covel: Thanks for the nice words! But I have sold over 200,000 books. My Turtle book is #3000 out of 10 million books on amazon right now. So actually some of best investing sales around.

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