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Curiosity and Strong Passion for Trend Following

Feedback in:

Mr. Covel,

My name is [Name]. I wanted to send you an email saying thank you for all of your publications about trend trading. I started trading when I was 15 based on all curiosity and now has grown into a strong passion. I’m 23 years old and have followed your work for 3 years now and now drastically increased my returns but also my view point on the market.

After the fund I worked at sold its assets, I was laid off. Once that happened I went through your books again and it has only kept me more focused on my goals of running my own fund one day. Your work is very appreciated and anyone I know that trades or wants to get into trading, I forward them to your website and to all the books and podcasts.

Thank you Mr. Covel.


You are welcome! As you know Curiosity drives Trend Following.

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