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Ep. 313: Jean-Philippe Bouchaud Interview with Michael Covel on Trend Following Radio

Jean-Philippe Bouchaud
Jean-Philippe Bouchaud

My guest today is Jean-Philippe Bouchaud, a French physicist. He is co-founder and Chairman of Capital Fund Management, adjunct professor at École Normale Supérieure and co-director of the CFM-Imperial Institute of Quantitative Finance at Imperial College London.

The topic is Trend Following.

In this episode of Trend Following Radio we discuss:

  • His firm’s performance for 2014
  • Whether trend following actually “died” prior to it’s “reappearance” in 2014
  • What trend following manages to exploit
  • Exploiting vs. exploring
  • Looking at volatility as a precursor to profit
  • Volatility as a measure of risk
  • Trend following as a genuine market anomaly
  • The behavioral biases in play as oil has fallen fifty percent plus
  • The feedback Bouchaud has received from peers on his newest paper
  • Whether other strategies exploit a genuine market anomaly
  • Bouchaud’s philosophy on transparency and “secrets” in his work
  • Why Bouchaud’s work culture is not a culture of MBA’s

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