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Ep. 302: Zbigniew Hermaszewski and Natasha Reeve-Gray Interview with Michael Covel on Trend Following Radio

Zbigniew Hermaszewski and Natasha Reeve-Gray
Zbigniew Hermaszewski and Natasha Reeve-Gray

Today on the podcast, Michael Covel speaks with Zbigniew Hermaszewski & Natasha Reeve-Gray, two of the four founding partners of Altis Partners–a very successful systematic and primarily trend following money management firm. Covel, Hermaszewski, and Reeve-Gray discuss Covel’s recent experiences traveling in Asia; the advantages of location independence; early triggers that led Hermaszewski and Reeve-Gray into the systematic trading world and away from the efficient market hypothesis; why Hermaszewskii was motivated to go down the particular path he went down; the advantages of a physics background when applied to trading; looking for predicability in the markets; how Altis uses predictability in the context of their world; the four broad types of market behavior in Altis’ program; trend following and persistence; inter-market relationships; why there are no “manual” inputs in Altis’ systematic program; portfolio construction and why Altis is different from its peers; applying the same models to all markets; and the collegial atmosphere amongst London CTAs.

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