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Ep. 232: Tucker Max Interview with Michael Covel on Trend Following Radio

Tucker Max
Tucker Max

Today on the podcast Michael Covel talks with Tucker Max. Max is a bestselling author and entrepreneur who has sold over 3 million books. Covel and Max talk about their first meeting, and Max’s brutally honest advice to Covel; diet and nutrition; the NCAA, college athletics, exploitation, the media, and having to ‘beat’ the system; marginal cost and marginal product; entrepreneurial thinking and Max’s early career; Max’s experience in marketing; protecting your independence; Christopher Hitchens; facing rejection in publishing, and how rejection is part of success; how success only teaches you to repeat what you did before, and failure forces you to think; what drives Max today; how the landscape has changed in regards to authors; the fight for authority and trust in the publishing world; what motivates Tucker Max today–the quality of relationships you have with other people, and what you do that matters to others. More information on Tucker Max can be found on Scribe Media.

Note: For my diehard trend following only fans who see my guest today and immediately bark, keep barking. There is a common thread through my world, and in my mind its all related.

Listen to this episode:

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