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Ep. 221: Howard Lindzon Interview with Michael Covel on Trend Following Radio

Howard Lindzon
Howard Lindzon

My guest today is Howard Lindzon, a Canadian entrepreneur, author, financial analyst, technical analyst and angel investor. Lindzon manages a hedge fund, serves as managing partner of the holding company Social Leverage, limited partner at Knight’s Bridge Capital Partners, and is the co-founder of StockTwits. He’s also known for the satirical podcast Wallstrip.

In this episode of Trend Following Radio we discuss:

  • The commonalities between the angel investing world and trend following
  • Over-diversification
  • Diversification in private investments vs. stocks
  • How Lindzon got the entrepreneurial “bug”
  • Lindzon’s early career as a stockbroker
  • The beginnings of Wallstrip
  • Lindzon’s comedy influence
  • How Wallstrip led to the next four years of Lindzon’s investments
  • How Lindzon’s mistakes helped him grow as an investor
  • Lindzon’s experience with fraud committed by a business partner
  • Keeping your business drama-free
  • The issue of distraction
  • Lindzon on the birth of StockTwits
  • The investment that changed Lindzon’s financial life in 2005
  • The future of StockTwits as Lindzon sees it
  • Social leverage
  • The art of curation and verticalization
  • Thinking of the financial web as a social bank account

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