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Ep. 176: Fabian Lim Interview with Michael Covel on Trend Following Radio

Fabian Lim
Fabian Lim

My guest today is Fabian Lim, an internationally acknowledged digital marketing expert and, in a sense, a life coach, focused on helping individuals to discover their true self. He is a serial entreprenreur, best-selling author and licensed jet pilot.

The topic is entrepreneur.

In this episode of Trend Following Radio we discuss:

  • Life in Singapore generally, and how Singapore has become “the gleaming city on the hill”
  • Singapore’s success despite its lack of natural resources, and how its airport represents the forward thinking found there
  • Lim’s first entrepreneurial ventures
  • The varied reasons that cause us to become entrepreneurs, and the difference between online and offline entrepreneurs
  • Experience in the context of entrepreneurship, and how it can be used as an excuse
  • Timeframes and getting out of the “employee” mindset
  • Becoming rich, and why it’s a choice
  • Classical conditioning, self-limiting beliefs, and breaking the mold to become an entrepreneur
  • The idea of “failing faster”
  • The connection between Lim’s flight training and entrepreneurship
  • Risk and uncertainty
  • Using simulations to practice
  • Success traits and failure philosophy
  • Why choice can be the enemy of a successful entrepreneur

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