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Ep. 152: Dan Andrews Interview with Michael Covel on Trend Following Radio

Dan Andrews
Dan Andrews

My guest today is Dan Andrews, the founder of The Lifestyle Business podcast. He is the host of the Tropical MBA.

The topic is entrepreneurship, travel and lifestyle.

In this episode of Trend Following Radio we discuss:

  • Location independence
  • Optimizing for time and mobility
  • Andrews’ beginnings as a teenager to where he is today
  • Artists and entrepreneurs
  • Andrews’ beginnings
  • How being in an entirely different atmosphere can bring out your creativity
  • How Paris in the 1920’s relates to the creative explosion in Asia
  • The importance of having a blog and telling your story
  • Why people need stories and ideas to follow
  • Telling a story with your business
  • The importance of “starting” and the iterative process
  • Your brand, and the nature of how you interact with people
  • Thinking you know how to “do it” before you know how the “soup” is made
  • How hard work means so much more than talent
  • Self-control, self-discipline
  • “Failing forward” and getting used to taking emotional risks
  • Hyper-globalization of small businesses
  • The revolution of podcasting
  • Distractions, laziness, and doing an inventory on your time

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