Ep. 136: Money, Money, Money with Michael Covel on Trend Following Radio

Wherever you go, gambling and the lottery is how most people think about making money. It is one of the biggest scams put upon the average guy. Most of it is run by the government, too. As Abba so eloquently put in their song “Money Money Money”, that’s what people dream about. But even when people open up and want to learn something new they often come to Michael Covel asking for the secrets. Covel’s answers? There are no secrets; there is only knowledge that you do not yet possess. On today’s show Covel launches into a clip from CNBC. Do trend following traders care what Bernanke thinks? Covel talks about propaganda; storylines in the news and whether these “arguments” are as real as they seem; and how real traders go with the flow. Ultimately it’s about science; the science of what the market is doing. Covel reads a blog excerpt from Sean Carroll, and goes over a three-part definition of what makes up science to further comment on the CNBC clip. Covel just wants to make the point: you have to look through the haze to find out what’s really going on. You have to break it down to science. The most successful trend following trader alive today, David Harding, is a scientist. Going through the whole process of thinking about trend following from a scientific perspective, Covel is showing you the light.

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