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Ep. 95: Chris Kacher and Gil Morales Interview with Michael Covel on Trend Following Radio

Chris Kacher and Gil Morales
Chris Kacher and Gil Morales

Michael Covel speaks with traders Chris Kacher and Gil Morales, authors of the new book “In The Trading Cockpit with the O’Neil Disciples: Strategies that Made Us 18,000% in the Stock Market“. Their book is a step-by-step instruction guide to implementing Morales and Kacher’s trading methods. Covel starts off by asking Kacher and Morales about the “fiscal cliff”, why quantitative easing is not the answer to economic growth, and why all of this isn’t necessarily relevant to making money. None of it matters if the Dow ultimately goes from 13,000 to 26,000. Regardless of your political views you shouldn’t be sitting on the sidelines if that happens. Ultimately, the trend is your friend. In a pure trading mindset, all this news, the fiscal cliff, the debt limits–they aren’t necessarily relevant to making money. Covel, Kacher, and Morales go on to talk about their new book, “In The Trading Cockpit with the O’Neil Disciples”; the “O.W.L.” ethos, and the story behind it; reversion to the mean mentality, and how it can often be the kiss of death for traders and investors; trading psychology, the idea that “you must lose to win”, how the least important statistic is your percentage of gains v. losses in your trading account; dealing with emotionalism and why clients often want to hear something that will make them feel better; teaching people to let go of the news and simply watch the price action; why people think that “this time is different”, put their trust in the central economy, and why trend following will survive into the future; understanding that investing is always a process of changing along the way; and what mental clutter in the way of fears, biases, concerns and more can build up in the mind and get in the way of clear and decisive decision-making.

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