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Ep. 51: Charles Faulkner Interview with Michael Covel on Trend Following Radio

Charles Faulkner
Charles Faulkner

Market Wizard Charles Faulkner makes his 2nd appearance on the podcast:

My guest today is Charles Faulkner, a trader, mentor and author who has been featured in Jack Schwager’s “Market Wizards” series. Faulkner is an international expert on modeling the knowledge and performance of exceptional individuals, teams and organizations, and applying the latest research in cognitive neuroscience and linguistics.

The topic is his book Higher Level Trading: The Five Stages to Trader and Investor Mastery.

In this episode of Trend Following Radio we discuss:

  • Faulkner’s idea of “system one” and “system two” – a dual-process theory of how the brain works – and how it relates to trading
  • Herding, bubbles, and panics and how they relate to “mirror neurons”, group think, and sheep behavior
  • The idea of making sense of the world through our bodies (and how this might be relevant to trading)
  • Neurolinguistics (the relationship between the neurology of the brain and the language we use)
  • How our brains crave stories (and how we have to be careful how we use them)
  • The importance of using money to buy experiences over objects

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