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Ep. 49: David Cheval Interview with Michael Covel on Trend Following Radio

David Cheval
David Cheval

Michael Covel talks to David Cheval. Cheval, currently an Administrative Law Judge based out of Colorado, was an outside witness to Richard Dennis and Bill Eckhardt’s famed Turtle experiment. Through the involvement of his former wife, famed original TurtleTrader Liz Cheval, David Cheval’s history and background for the Turtle story comes from a unique vantage point. Cheval talks with Covel about the events surrounding the Turtle experiment, including his own interesting part in alerting his former wife to the opportunity (he is still an investor in her firm). They also discuss Cheval’s progression from a runner on the Chicago pits, to the formation of his CPO (Dearborn Capital Management), to his career in law today; the presence of Richard Dennis on the Chicago Board of Trade in the years prior to the Turtle experiment; some of the lessons that can be gleaned from some of the most successful Turtles; the difference between volatility and risk; and why basic trend following philosophies are timeless. Cheval’s oral history is a nice addition to Michael Covel’s classic TurtleTrader book “The Complete TurtleTrader“.

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