Philosophical Matrix: Trend Commandments

D. Buxman writes about Trend Commandments:

“What was missing for me was a philosophical matrix within which I could construct more meaningful rules upon which I could base my personal Trend Following system.”

I like that descriptor–philosophical matrix.

3 thoughts on “Philosophical Matrix: Trend Commandments

  1. The “philosophical matrix” is very well laid out in “Trend Following” and “The Complete Turtle Trader”.

    I use “Trend Commandments” as a mental refresher, reading a few pages every night before going to bed. It’s a good book, but is even better when used with Michael’s previous ones in a wholistic fashion.

    I can’t wait for the Little Book to come out, since I expect it to be even more inspirational, with stories of regular folks that have actually applied this stuff and are winning now. I heard a tickler of the guy in Hawaii that’s got it going now and can’t wait for that chapter. Michael – do you need a proof reader for that one? ;^)

  2. Before you ask for rules to use to build a Trend Following Strategy, ask yourself how much time you have spent trying to identify changes in the trend of the market. With the tools available, it should not be that difficult a task.

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