Trend Following Panel Event: Chicago June 21 10am

I will be moderating a panel event at MFA’s Forum 2011. The panelists include Larry Hite and Ed Seykota.

NOTE: Go to and register as a guest. Use the the code TRENDS250 and you can register for Hite/Seykota/Covel panel only — for $250.

10 thoughts on “Trend Following Panel Event: Chicago June 21 10am

  1. Michael – I remember you previously mentioned you were looking into the possibility of people only paying to see your panel, any updates?

  2. Just LOVE the artwork! Did you see that on the side of a van or was that from a Dungeons & Dragons convention? 🙂

  3. Michael- Your first two books completely changed my approach to trading. I was a very successful local (market maker) on the floor of the CME that attempted to transition into trading off the floor via technical analysis without a SYSTEM, and failed. I stepped away from trading for a couple of years before stumbling upon your “Turtle Traders..” book. It piqued my interest since I had been on the opposite side of many Richard Dennis trades during my floor trading days. I became sold on the concepts of trend following and became one of your clients. After spending five months developing and back testing a system in 2009, I deployed my system in Feb. 2010 and made out with 73% returns in 2010. I will be attending the MFA forum on June 21st and look forward to your panel discussion with Larry Hite and Ed Seykota. If I don’t get a chance to thank you in person, this is me thanking you now. Looking forward to reading “Trend Commandments” as well!

  4. Michael,
    Do you have any plans to come to London this year?I am sure that you would have great attendance for your talks.A lot of people here in London, compare you to [name]. However,I do feel that there are subtle differences as he tends to lean more to “technical analysis and charts” in my opinion, compared to your “Price action” approach.


  5. That panel is tough to pass up – Any more details? How long is the panel etc. For me it would be a trip for just that single event…

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