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Francisco Vaca: The ‘Turtle’ Scientist

I spent some time with Francisco Vaca a few years back in Florida. He offered a nice view on my book ‘The Complete TurtleTrader’:

“Regarding your new book [“The Complete TurtleTrader“], I can say that after hearing the turtle story many times from many of the people that are part of the story and after reading many articles about such story, this is by far the most entertaining, inspiring, extensive, and honest story of the turtles I have ever read.”

Vaca’s background? He currently is an associate with original Turtle Paul Rabar. How did he get started?

“…a friend…told me there was a job for a programmer at a commodity trading firm. He had thrown away the job ad, so I picked it out from the garbage! It turned out to be at C&D Commodities, which was co-founded by Richard Dennis of ‘turtle’ fame.”

That ‘find the ad in the garbage can’ was long after the original Turtle experiment. Read a recent article on Vaca (PDF).

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