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You Can Start the Money Management Firm or Work for Someone; Different Beasts

Podcast Feedback:

Hey Michael, if you had a 23 yr old wanting to become a CTA, graduating with a degree in Finance from U. South Florida in May, is there a certain firm you would push him towards? Two summers ago he did an internship with [Name] Capital ($106 mln AUM), last summer with R.J. O’Brien’s CTA platform Oasis. He works two days/week with me holding down our trade desk. We work with commercial Ag hedgers. Any ideas would be helpful. [Name] gave Patrick your book on the TurtleTraders 1st day on the job, along with 4 other books on trading.

No short cuts. All the trading “names” are well known. It’s an issue of knocking on doors. Seth Godin’s blog may give you a good non-trading perspective that will better help him to break into trading.

Trend Following Firms and Trading Abroad

I receive emails every week asking for advice on trend following firms. Consider:

I am a listener of your podcast and have spent some time studying what you advocate. That said it seems like the only logical way to make investments in the traditional markets. In 2008 my retirement portfolio suffered a big loss and I began to reevaluate a life time of main stream traditional advice. Finding you and [Name] was a reinforcement of what I was realizing to be the true situation of the US monetary system. Suddenly all was clear to me. Being a Boomer I decided if I wanted to keep anything I had worked for it was time to make a change. At present I have taken a buy out from my old company and so I am either unemployed or an entrepreneur depending on how you look at it. My question: is there a firm who can take my existing portfolio and some cash and mange it using the trend following method. [Name] advises moving all your funds to Singapore or Hong Kong for safety which I agree with, but establishing a brokerage account to be managed there appears to be a problem for US citizens. Is there a company in the USA or elsewhere that can do this? The funds amount to about 1.6 million in USD value currently.

Thanks for any information.

M.J. [Name]

You will find many trend names across my 5 books. Best to start there. Unfortunately, I have no insights for USA citizens opening brokerage accounts abroad.

Starting From The Ground Up

Feedback in:

Hi Mike, I’m looking for a way to connect with a trend following firm that can give me the chance to trade with a small account. I graduated last May with a B.A in economics from Baruch College. I have been testing and improving the trend following system I’m using for the past 2 years. I’m ready to exploit the system but I do not know where to begin. What would you advise me to do?

Raise capital, i.e. family, friends, etc. Very straightforward. It doesn’t matter how you do it or where it comes from–just do it.

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