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“There is huge value for me in your podcasts…”

The Chart Is Always the Same
The Chart Is Always the Same

Feedback in:

Hi Michael,

Thank you for your Trend Following Podcasts and for connecting with me on Facebook!

I now need to get your books too, will be looking to order online or through the local book store…..if they are good enough to have them!

Trend following was never in my vocabulary as a Trader, and over the last 5-6 years that is evident as I am WAY behind the 8 ball to the point I actually gave up trading altogether for a while. From your interviews so far and past experience of your guests, wow, I really missed out there…. and the story and experience of the TurtleTraders, wow, I would love to look more into that too!

I believe everything happens for a reason and there is huge value for me in your podcasts, I started at No1 and currently just got through No11 with Tim Pickering (I am also trying to connect with these Legends you have brought on the show because I believe it too that a Google search for understanding is not the ideal way) – Not that I will be a nuisance to them but rather to enjoy the connection!

I look forward to getting to know you better over the coming months and years and really adopt the practices and ideas you bring out on your show, please keep them coming and I look forward to sharing my success with you in the near future as a I know you will be a great mentor to me.

Kind Regards,


Trend Following Thinking with Houston Rockets Data

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Happy holidays!

The Houston Rockets are attempting a historical amount of 3-point attempts this season. On December 17th the Rockets broke an NBA record attempting 61 3-pointers. They broke their own record of 50 3-point attempts set on Nov 25. In four of their last five games the Rockets have attempted 40+ 3-pointers.

I attached a shot chart from the 61 3-point attempt game. The chart clearly distinguishes the Rockets from their opponent. It is apparent the Rockets strategy is to attempt a high percentage short range shot or a lower percentage but higher value 3-pointer. The mid-range shot clearly has a lower expected outcome when factoring the lower percentage and 2 point value. It appears the Rockets are operating near an “efficient frontier.”

I believe you would like this article from 2014 describing the Rockets GM using his NBA D-League to test common assumptions and biases.

Scroll down on this article to see the Rio Grande (D-League team) shot chart and compare how similar it is to the Rockets.

I thought you’d find this as interesting as myself. Observing my beloved Chicago Bulls go the opposite direction is almost as maddening as their lack of intellectual curiosity.

Trying to stay warm,

Thanks! More on Thinking for a living here.

Trend Following Radio Feedback from Wyoming

Feedback in:


I’ve been listening to your podcasts. Couple of things:

• Swearing… you swear less than me and I ain’t bad. I wouldn’t worry about it.
• I find everything I’ve listened to universally informing and amusing. If it wasn’t entertaining I’d have problems listening.
• I actually find your monologues more engaging than the interviews and they’re great.
• I started to listen when you were mentioned by Simon Black, and another person/group I read… Bill Bonner’s group. At about the same time.

Your book “Trend Following” just arrived. Looking forward to it.

On the podcast you offer to help me start. Please do! I don’t think I’d want to live in Saigon, but touring the area in a sail boat would be a wonderful way to spend a Wyoming winter. Assuming I can avoid pirates!

Take care and thanks much!


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Wyoming Feedback
Wyoming Feedback

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