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Trend Following Radio Feedback from Wyoming

Feedback in:


I’ve been listening to your podcasts. Couple of things:

• Swearing… you swear less than me and I ain’t bad. I wouldn’t worry about it.
• I find everything I’ve listened to universally informing and amusing. If it wasn’t entertaining I’d have problems listening.
• I actually find your monologues more engaging than the interviews and they’re great.
• I started to listen when you were mentioned by Simon Black, and another person/group I read… Bill Bonner’s group. At about the same time.

Your book “Trend Following” just arrived. Looking forward to it.

On the podcast you offer to help me start. Please do! I don’t think I’d want to live in Saigon, but touring the area in a sail boat would be a wonderful way to spend a Wyoming winter. Assuming I can avoid pirates!

Take care and thanks much!


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Wyoming Feedback
Wyoming Feedback

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